PetSafe Ultrasonic Remote Trainer

  • Convenient remote unit requires no receiver
  • Trains using a high decibel ultrasonic sound
    that is undetectable by the human ear
  • Effective operating range up to 30 feet Training
  • Manual included
  • Works indoors or outdoors
PetSafe PUPT-100 Ultrasonic Remote Trainer
Regular Price - $39.99
Sale Price - $29.99

As a pet owner you want to be able to reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior consistently. The PetSafe collarless remote trainer lets you do just that. There are two different buttons one to issue a negative correction tone and the other a positive correction tone. This is done at an ultrasonic level which we cannot hear but is noticeable to our pets and will be disruptive to them when they’re engaged in unwanted behavior.

Whether your pet is constantly jumping up on guests, digging in the trash, barking incessantly its behavior can be improved and corrected upon so that you can become a proud owner of a wonderfully well behaved pet. This is made even easier with the included training manual which will walk you through the training of your pet for the performing all basic obedience.

Since this handheld remote ultrasonic trainer is harmless to pets it is the perfect and humane solution for mail carriers and deliveryman who may have had issues with dogs on their job.

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