Pet Vehicle Barriers

Pet Vehicle Barriers
Tubular Dog Vehicle Barrier for Small or Medium SUV's and Wagons
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Tubular Pet Vehicle Barrier for Large SUV's and Mini Vans
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Flexible cargo netting wraps easily around console
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Pet vehicle barriers are mainly used in Sport Utility Vehicles and Mini Vans to safely secure your pet in the rear of the vehicle. Dogs are really agitated pets so owners need to find a way to contain them during travel. Due to this need, Pet Street Mall is proud to offer you this great selection of dog barriers. This pet vehicle barrier will keep your dog away from the driver and other passengers. Pet vehicle barriers are available in tubular and mesh design. Extensions that you can use to expand the barrier are sold separately. Pet Street Mall assures that you can have 100% satisfaction due to the high quality, heavy-duty performance and affordability of these vehicle barriers.

Our pet vehicle barriers are available in different designs that include tubular dog barrier, wire mesh dog barrier and soft net vehicle pet barrier. Also, our dog barriers are offered in different sizes to meet your particular needs. Our small to medium tubular dog barrier and wire mesh dog barrier are great for small or medium vehicles like SUV’s and Wagons. The large tubular dog barrier, on the other hand, is a car barrier made for large vehicles. To completely protect the fabric of your car seats, choose our large wire mesh dog barrier that is constructed with small holes. And the soft net vehicle pet barrier that uses a micro-mesh material which gives you a clearer view than metal tube-style barriers. Whatever type and design you choose, our pet vehicle barrier will definitely contain your pet in the back of your car while giving him enough space to move.

Why Do We Need Pet Vehicle Barriers?

Just like an ordinary fence, pet vehicle barriers are used to safely contain your pet inside your vehicle. Certainly, pet vehicle barriers allow you to take your pet with you during travel without the need to chain him. All dog barrier designs are fully adjustable and suitable to most small and large vehicles like SUV’s, vans and station Wagons. Aside from the easy way of traveling with your pet, it can also be useful in transporting sick and injured dog. Your vehicle will now have the best separator to divide the area for your dog and your family. This is totally a heavy-duty pet enclosure to keep your pet from not jumping over the passenger seat which is really dangerous, especially when you’re along the highway.

Some of the most highlighted features of our pet vehicle barriers are the following:

• • Durable tubular steel bars that can be adjusted to fit the size of your car, whether an SUV, Van or Station Wagons.
• • Soft net barrier is easy to install and uninstall.
• • The tip of the steel has a non-slip rubber cover to securely hold the barrier in place.
• • Extremely stylish that will complement your vehicle’s interior décor.
• • Cannot torn or cut by dog’s sharp teeth.

Since we are also pet lovers here at Pet Street Mall, we know how important it is for you to let your dog enjoy the freedom that they deserve. So it is just normal if you want to bring your pet along with you. However, you really need a safety device that will prevent your dog from bumping his head into the car seat. Pet vehicle barriers can help protect your dog from getting hurt during sharp turns, quick stops and unexpected accidents. Dogs will not get bored with this barrier because it serves as a comfortable partition for them. The small space between the bars prevents the head of your dog from getting trapped into it. You can choose for a more narrow space or the wire mesh for your small dogs and puppies. So what are you waiting for?! Buy a pet vehicle barrier now and you and your pet will surely have a safe and joyful trip.

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