Pet Sunscreen 2 Ounce Bottle

    • Pet Sunscreen is Non Oily
    • Spray on dog's coat or skin
    • Pet Sunscreen is Non Irritating
    • Helps to prevent sun bleaching in dark haired animals
    • Pet Sunscreen contains no Silicone
    • SPF 15 protection

Doggles sunscreen for your pets!

Dog and Pet Sunscreen
2 Ounce Bottle
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Sale Price - $14.99

Dog and Pet Sunscreen Information:

Pets need protection from the sun's rays just like we do! Does your dog have light colored skin or a pink nose? Then your dog needs pet sunscreen! Do you groom your pet in a style that leaves skin is exposed? Then your pet needs dog sunscreen! This sunscreen for pets is specifically formulated for their skin. Pet sunscreen is non-oily, non-irritating, water soluble and contains no silicone. You won't have to worry about toxic ingredients when your dog goes to lick itself. Dog sunscreen will also help with coat condition and help prevent sun bleaching in dark haired Pets. Pet Sunscreen comes in a handy 2 oz. spray bottle that fits in your pocket, bag or bicycle basket for quick application while on the go. You can spray directly on your pet and rub it in. It is safe to use. You can also spray your hand or use a soft cloth and wipe it on. Pet Sunscreen is excellent for thin-skinned breeds or those prone to burning. Use Pet Sunscreen while you and your dog jog, bike, run or go to have fun at the park.

If you have a pet that is sensitive to the sun you will want to protect their eyes from the sun as well. Dog Doggles are the perfect dog eye-wear protection out there! While keeping your pet protected from the sun heat can be a factor as well. Allow your dog to stay cool on a hot day with a Cooling dog bed. We offer a great line of Cooler Dog Beds that are made from finest materials and sold at reasonable prices.

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