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Dog Stairs are stairs for your pets that provide your dog or cat with the boost that they need in order to get themselves up onto a bed, a couch, or any other hard to reach area that they are allowed. Veterinarians highly suggest using specially designed stairs for the use of household pets to reduce the strain on both the pets themselves and their owners. We carry many Indoor, Decorative, Carpeted, Fold-Away, and other quality doggie steps.

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Dog Stairs
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Pet stairs plus helps pets reach more places. Modern styling blends well.
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Beautiful design looks great in your home and relieves stress on your pet's joints.
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Pet Stairs Articles

Dog Stairs Can Help Pets Get In and Out of Bed - Having a pet in bed has been proven to help owners find comfort and fall into a deep, relaxing sleep. For puppies and kittens, jumping up onto the bed to spend time with their owners is a piece of cake. But as they get older, they may not be able to jump like they once could. The answer to this is problem is a set of pet stairs from Pet Street Mall. Read More Here...

Pet Stairs Information

There are many reasons your dog or cat may require the assistance of Pet Stairs. Besides hip dysphasia, arthritis, or old age there are other reasons such as surgery or a weight issue. Pets that have lost mobility and are unable to jump onto a bed or the couch usually rely on their owner to assist them. Owning your own stairs or steps will allow your dog or cat the freedom to go where they want without troubling their owner.

From the beloved lab to the tiny toy poodle a set of dog steps will fit the need of many pets and their owners. Carpeted Stairs and Steps can be found in various heights, different widths, as well as varying weight capacities. Available from 2 steps to 8 steps to meet with a variety of overall height requirements. Plus the Carpeted Stairs and Steps add a cozy touch to any home.

Decorative Stairs and Steps look great with any home decor. The Mr. Herzher's - Two Step Pet Stairs in Cherry Finish provide carpeted step treads that prevent slipping, so that your dog or cat can safely climb up on their own. Decorative Stairs and Steps have a sleek appearance that will coordinate with most home decors.

Don't forget about our Fold-Away Stairs and Steps, like the PupSTEP + Plus Pet Stairs. The PupSTEP + Plus Pet Stairs are perfect for those with limited storage space. Our Fold-Away Stairs and Steps are designed ideally for the convenience of being able to fold-away flat for easy storage.

When purchasing Stairs and Steps for your Pets there are many factors to take into consideration.

What size is the dog or cat that will be using the Stairs and Steps?
The height of the Stairs or Steps is important. Smaller dogs and cats won't need a tall set of Stairs or Steps.

How wide should the Stairs or Steps be?
This is often overlooked when deciding what which set of Stairs or Steps for Pets to get.

How much does the dog or cat weigh that will be using the Stairs and Steps?
Some of our Stairs and Steps for Pets have their weight restrictions listed.

How tall should the Stairs or Steps be?
Will the Stairs or Steps be placed near a couch, bed, or window? Measure the area that the Stairs or Steps will be used.

How durable are these Stairs and Steps?
Pet Street Mall only carries products made of quality materials. Your pet's safety is important to us. Providing Stairs and Steps for your Pets that aren't durable can put your dog or cat's well being in jeopardy and could result in an injury.

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