Pet electronic systems are a collection of extraordinary pet products which are designed to contain and train your pet dog in just a matter of days. Electronic pet systems are sometimes referred to as pet-type robot devices that let your dog behave according to the emotional state and instinct state that these devices provide. Electronic systems for pets like electronic containment systems, electronic remote trainers, electronic bark collars and electronic tracking systems are hi-tech pieces of equipment that you can use to secure your pet or teach him the proper behavior.

Pet Street Mall is the most Experienced and trusted name in pet supplies. We offer only the Highest Quality items from the Best Manufacturers. We work closely with our manufacturers to keep up to date on the latest innovations and features, so we can answer your questions. Our close relationship with our manufacturers ensures low pricing, which we pass directly on to our customers. With Pet Street Mall, you know you're getting the Lowest Price Anywhere - Guaranteed!

Featured Product

Perimeter PTPWF-100

WiFi Rechargeable Dog Fence
starts at: $ 339.95


WiFi Rechargeable Dog Fence
Quantum leap in Technology!
  • WiFi Rechargeable Dog Fence Technology
  • Quantum Leap in Technology with the 802.15 WiFi Protocol
  • View Pet Range Real Time
  • Set your Boundary Distance
  • Personalize the fence for two dogs
  • Collar Battery Status
  • Boundary Challenge Alert
  • Lost Contact Alarm!
  • 2.5 acres of coverge
  • Rechargeable Battery System
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WiFi Rechargable Dog Fence
Pet Electronic Products
Electronic Dog Fences
Dog Fences

System starts at
$ 87.95
Electronic Remote Trainers
Remote Trainers

System starts at
$ 29.99
Electronic Bark Collars
Bark Collars

System starts at
$ 29.99
Electronic Indoor Containment
Electronic Indoor Containment

System starts at
$ 54.95
Electronic Wireless Dog Fence
Dog Fence

System starts at
$ 259.95
Electronic Sporting Dog Systems
Sporting Dog

System starts at
$ 139.95
Electronic Tracking Systems
Tracking Systems

System starts at
$ 649.95

Pet Street Mall is proud to be the Largest, Most Experienced internet retailer of Pet Electronic Systems. We offer tons of styles to help you contain your pet, whether indoors or outdoors. We feature easy-to-install electronic containment fences for outdoor use, as well as indoor zone systems to keep your pets out of off-limits areas. We carry tracking systems to track your dog when out and about, and the famous wireless fence.

Most of these pet electronic systems are consist of a transmitter and receiver to completely perform the training or containment process. Each electronic device is made with hi-tech technology that enables it to receive and transmit information through radio signal. Basically, pet electronic systems can help change the behavior of your pet according to the input information. Depending on the key-in information, an electronic device can produce an output which causes your pet to act, perform proper motion, adapt in controlling himself, implement the most proper behavior, stop from doing a particular movement for security purposes, or protect itself from any harm. These are the best and most important functions as to why these pet electronic systems are constructed and offered.

Nowadays, the implementation of electronic systems to pets becomes more and more functional. Electronic pet systems don’t only lessen the time needed to keep an eye on your dog to ensure his safety but they also give every pet the confidence and freedom they truly deserve. Simplicity, affordability and efficiency are the major reasons why these pet electronic systems are being supported by most pet owners. At the same time, these electronic dog systems are widely used because of the valuable ways they contribute as compared with the traditional way of treating and training your pet.

We offer different pet electronic systems that can be useful in taking care of your four-legged friend. Like the electronic containment systems that let you put up a pet fence without the use of wooden bars. Depending on pet owner’s needs, electronic containment systems can be installed underground or above the ground. Electronic fence systems are constructed to contain your dog in the yard or inside your home without depriving his freedom. With the use of this electronic system, the improvement in the behavior of your pet can normally be seen as early as two weeks. Electronic remote trainers, on the other hand, are pet electronic systems that consist of a collar that has built-in receiver and remote trainer that serves as the controller. This is another training device used to properly train your pet. Giving positive reinforcement treats and unlimited praise instead of punishing your pet can make this training device effective. Electronic bark collars are another way to prove that the complete line of pet electronic systems from Pet Street Mall is truly amazing. We all know that pets like dogs are agitated animals and territorial by nature. So we already expect them to be stubborn and hard to please sometimes. That’s why electronic bark collars are here to help you in teaching your pet not to bark. For an effective and easy performance, collars are made with beeping sounds that will alert your pet before the correction takes place to stop him from excessive barking. Lastly, the electronic tracking systems are hi-tech devices that enable pet owners to keep track of their pets wherever they may go. Electronic tracking systems provide clear tracking signal and are great to use for hunting dogs.

These are some of the finest and most wanted pet electronic systems offered by your most trusted source of outstanding pet products online, Pet Street Mall. So if you want to train your pet in the field or contain him safely, then here’s the best answer to your needs! All you need is to have patience when using these devices. Always remember that your dog also needs time to understand and cope up with the new system that you want to imply on him. If you think that your dog is responding, then you are doing the right thing. But if you don’t see any improvement, maybe you’re making it a bit hard. So try to do the training steps one at a time and reconsider the right approach until your pet behaves and responds properly. It is upon the pet owner’s proper guidance and way of training for his pet to completely learn the process.

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