Outdoor Playpens and Hutch Attachments

Featured Outdoor Playpen and Hutch Attachment
  • Easily attaches to premium hutch
  • Solid wood frame and heavy duty wire panels
  • Top quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Five simple steps to assemble
  • Allows pets to run and play while being safely contained
  • Available in Medium and Large
  • All of our outdoor playpens can attach to a hutch to expand a rabbits living space, or stand alone as an outdoor playpen.

    Outdoor Playpens and Hutch Attachments
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    The premium rabbit run is great for attaching to the premium hutch. Made of a solid wood frame and heavy duty wire panels with superior craftsmanship. It only take five simple steps to assemble, and your rabbit will have a safe space to exercise and play.

    The premium bunny barn yard attaches onto the bunny barn to expand living space, or stands alone as an outdoor playpen. A Solid wood frame and powder coated wire make this playpen safe for any rabbit to enjoy.

    Penthouse Playpen easily attaches to the penthouse hutch and expands living space. Or you can use it as a free standing outdoor playpen for small animals.

    Outdoor playpens are very important for rabbits so they can get the exercise they need. Without exercise a rabbits quality of life will diminish causing illness, obesity, and sadness. With an outdoor playpen your rabbit will be happy, exercising, and showing off for you. You will love spending time with your rabbit watching him exercise as he entertains you. Make sure to watch your rabbit while he is in an outdoor playpen. Rabbits tend to be forgotten when they live outdoors, so when you go to visit with them let them out into their outdoor playpen. Rabbits in outdoor playpens are like children in a pool, you really need to keep an eye on them at all times. Your rabbit will love an outdoor playpen, he will get to safely explore with you outdoors, and get the exercise she needs. You may want to include some toys for your rabbit in their outdoor playpen. Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls make great toys. Rabbits like to toss, chew, and dig so toys that involve those behaviors are good for them. Remember to make sure everything is non toxic and safe for your rabbit before giving it to them. Many baby toys are great for rabbits. Rabbits often like baby key toys, and toss them around. Rabbits love showing off for their owners and you should praise them.

    Even if you house your rabbit indoors normally, you can bring him outside to get some fresh air with an outdoor playpen. If you plan on going outside on a warm day bring your rabbit outdoors to his playpen.

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