PetSafe Spray Commander

    • Safe and effective
    • Rechargeable Collar & Remote
    • Resolve problems faster without pain or fear
    • Scientifically proven spray technology
    • Can be used for training with the positive sound reinforcement
    • Acts on your dog's behavior for 300 yards of distance
    • 100-percent safe for all dogs, humans, and the environment
    • Adjustable collar fits all dogs
    • The most complete remote training solution
    • Click here to see in action!
PetSafe Spray Commander
Regular Price - $185.99
Sale Price - $129.95

Includes 3 Scentless Refill Cartridges

Regular Price - $28.99
Sale Price - $19.95

Includes 3 Citronella Refill Cartridges

Regular Price - $26.99
Sale Price - $17.95

Training your pet can be a difficult and challenging task but with the PetSafe Spray Commander you can teach your pet all it needs to become a well behaved member of the family. It doesn’t matter the type of behavior you’re trying to modify because it will effectively correct it in such a way that will have your pet performing the right actions in no time. Since it impacts 4 of your pet’s senses through seeing the spray, feeling it, hearing it and with the scented citronella your pet will smell it as well.

When starting out with the training your pet may be a bit confused as to where the spray is coming from or why it is getting sprayed. Eventually it will make the connection that certain bad habits that you catch it doing are what is responsible or even being disobedient during training sessions. While this product isn’t a bark collar you can use it to work on your dogs bad barking habits through administering corrections whenever your pet barks to get the point across just as you do with your normal training. Now because your dog is unlikely to make the correlation between you and the spraying it will respond to the training more quickly than if you were yelling and disciplining in another manner.

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