PetSafe Spray Commander Starter Kit

    • Comes with 3 cans of Spray
    • Two 6 volt batteries included
    • Safe and effective
    • Resolve problems faster without pain or fear
    • Scientifically proven spray technology
    • Can be used for training with the positive sound reinforcement
    • Acts on your dog's behavior for 300 feet of distance
    • 100-percent safe for all dogs, humans, and the environment
    • Adjustable collar fits all dogs
    • The most complete remote training solution
    • Click here to see in action!
PetSafe Spray Commander Starter Kit
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The Spray Commander is a fabulous method for training your pet. This is in part because your pet won’t directly connect the correction to you as they would if you yelled at them or bopped them on the nose. A simple and direct correlation will be made between what wrong action they are doing and getting sprayed by the collar. With this understanding your pet’s behavior will change very quickly. The spray in use is harmless while still getting the desired point across.

A major advantage to this system over traditional training units is that with the spray correction you are engaging many of your pet’s senses. It will see the spray, feel it on them, hear it, and smell it. Another great advantage to this type of system is you don’t have to be near your pet in order to correct them, which again will cause them to associate the spray with their action and not you. Whether you are trying to put your pet through basic obedience training or curb a specific problem like barking this system will get the job done and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a very well behaved pet.

  • Can Be Used For Training With The Positive Sound Reinforcement
  • Acts On Your Dog's Behavior For Up To 300 Feet
  • Safe and effective
  • Resolve problems faster without pain or fear
  • Scientifically proven spray technology
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