Microfiber Harnesses

Microfiber Velcro harnesses are wonderful and stylish dog apparels offered by Pet Street Mall. For your information, a harness is made of soft elasticized cord or leather which can be adjusted to fit a dog, and to which a leash can be attached. It is used for walking a dog, or when a dog needs to be restrained. A dog harness is a piece of equipment that is similar to a harness for horses. Here at Pet Street Mall, we have various designs of microfiber dog harness to choose from. Due to its easy-to-use Velcro closure, you can be certain that your dear pooch is secured while being restrained.

Microfiber Harnesses

Implementing your fashion taste to your pet is a good way to accessorize him. Understanding the importance of accessories and other apparels to your own dog will simply make your most beloved pet safe while being groovy. Having this microfiber harness to your dog will surely get the attention of other people and make them think that you are not just a responsible pet owner but also a stylish one! And since you are here at the complete and informative site of Pet Street Mall, you will see a variety of durable and fashionable dog collars just like our microfiber Velcro harnesses. Microfiber Velcro harnesses will keep your dog confident and secured while walking.

For better security of your dog, microfiber Velcro harness can be used with a matching leash. This matching microfiber leash is sold separately. Aside from being hip, the microfiber Velcro harness is safe and comfortable when worn due to the loop that surrounds the torso of your dog. It has connecting straps that are intentionally built for heavy duty performance and to withstand the distribution of force. With the use of microfiber Velcro harnesses, you can prevent your dog from being choked. It also lessens the chance of slipping out of the collar. Microfiber Velcro harnesses are in demand nowadays, especially for pet owners with small breed of dogs.

Microfiber Velcro harnesses are also light in weight and comfortable to wear by your little pooch. These harnesses are offered at the lowest price so pet owners will no longer worry about their budget and safety of their dogs. In fact, many professional dog owners like our microfiber Velcro harness because it performs best, especially in times where they have to control their dogs. Our microfiber Velcro harnesses come in a variety of designs and colors which include the Yellow Harness with Bee, Tan Harness with Lion, Blue Harness with Frog, Pink Harness with Rose and Purple Harness with Butterfly. Choose the color and style that fits the breed and size of your dog. Using our microfiber harnesses, you can be certain that your little friend is safe and will attract the eyes of the passersby. The brilliant color of our microfiber Velcro harnesses will not fade after washing.

So, if you want to add fashion to your dog’s equipment, use the microfiber walking harness with Velcro closures. We can assure you that these items are easy to use, stain resistant and super soft. We are proud to offer these designer harnesses because we know that your best friend deserves to look fashionable just like you. So don’t miss this chance! Grab at least one of our microfiber Velcro harnesses for your dog and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality and performance. Whether for everyday wear or just to make a fashion statement, Microfiber Velcro harnesses will definitely give your tiny dog all the luxury and comfort that he deserves. So try it to your dog today!

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