Lebistro Programmable Feeder 10 lbs Black

    • Convenient pet feeding and food storage
    • Holds 10lbs of food
    • Dimensions 10" x 15.8" x 18.2"
    • See through storage container
    • Twist-lock lid
    • Easily programmed
    • Detachable bowl
    • Also available in a white 5 lbs system
Lebistro Programmable Feeder 10 lbs Black 10" x 15.8" x 18.2"
Regular Price - $105.99
Sale Price - $73.95

Petmate is always bringing great new products to market to fit the needs of you and your pets. The Le Bistro Programmable Feeder is no exception to this rule. It holds up to 10lbs of food! The Le Bistro Programmable Feeder makes feeding your pet(s) an easy task with this system which allows you to rarely think about your pets feeding. Your pet will be so thankful to you for always having food ready and waiting for them for whenever they become hungry. Simple program Le Bistro to distribute food and occasionally check the container levels to make sure it hasn’t run out. Perfect for the pet owner who travels often for business or pleasure, fill up the container and leave for the day or weekend knowing that your pet will have plenty of food while you’re gone. This is a much better solution than filling the bowl with extra food because your pet is liable to make a mess or over eat. Plus with the Le Bistro Programmable Feeder you won’t have to bother your neighbor to pop in on their weekend to refill your pet’s bowl. Along with the transparent storage container is the twist lock lid which will keep all the stored food fresh so none of the food will go stale. The programming allows you to feed your pet up to 3 times a day and dispenses 1/4 cup at a time and up to 3 cups per feeding so even your biggest pet will get its fill.

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