Lebistro Gravity Waterer

    • Provides clean water
    • Eco-friendly
    • Made in America
    • Less frequent refills than a traditional bowl.
    • Wide mouth opening
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Sizes: 1/2 gallon to 4 gallon

Lebistro Gravity Waterer - Small (0.5 Gallons / Bleached Linen / 5.7" x 9.5" x 9.7")
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Regular Price - $12.99
Sale Price - $8.95

Lebistro Gravity Waterer - Medium (1 Gallon / Bleached Linen / 6.8" x 11.4" x 11.9")

Regular Price - $18.99
Sale Price - $12.95

Lebistro Gravity Waterer - Large (2.75 Gallons / Bleached Linen / 8.8" x 14.6" x 14.7")

Regular Price - $29.99
Sale Price - $20.95

Lebistro Gravity Waterer - Extra Large (4 Gallons / Bleached Linen / 10.3" x 17.2" x 17.9")

Regular Price - $38.99
Sale Price - $26.95

Lebistro Gravity Waterer Information:

The Le Bistro Gravity Waterer is perfect for any home with multiple or single pets. Coming in a variety of sizes to better suit your household’s needs, the Le Bistro will keep your pet(s) happy and hydrated. You’ll love the convenience factor behind this product; you can fill it up at night before bed and not have to worry about your pet’s water till the next night or possibly longer depending on how much your pet drinks. The size ranges are from ½ gallon to 4 gallons, which are shown below to help give you a better idea of the sizes available. As of this writing we only carry the white models for each size so strictly view it as a sizing chart. We’re sure you’ll love the Le Bistro Gravity Waterer with its wide-mouthed opening making it way to clean and maintain regardless of where it is placed within your home. The slick modern design will allow it to blend in well within your kitchen since it is where most people keep their pets water and food dishes Petmate wanted to be sure it didn’t stick out too much with your existing décor. Remember that at PetStreetMall we always try to provide the best products at the lowest prices so that you can receive great savings!

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