Kong E-Collar

  • Safe & Lightweight
  • Comfortable & Humane
  • Transparent for proper visibility.
  • Padded Neck Line for Comfort!
E-Collar Small
Dogs with neck sizes: 8"-9"
Regular Price - $9.99
Sale Price - $7.99

The Kong E-Collar is a safe and humane device which prevents animals from aggravating a healing wound or injury. Kong E-Collar comes in assorted colors. Due to it's opaque make up pets will be allowed to view their surroundings and possible get around better. Elizabethan collars are perfect keep your dog from licking and chewing areas that need to be protected. The most widely use of an E-Collar is after surgery. Dog with severe dermatitis will benefit from Elizabethan dog collars by preventing biting and scratching hot spots on the skin.

The Kong E-Collar has a padded neckline to give your dog extra comfort when using. In addition, padded outer edge minimizes scratches and dings to walls, shins, and furniture as your pet moves around in their Elizabethan collars. These collars are easy to use and snap together. This eliminates dog stress and possible injury while putting your pet into their e-collar. The Kong E-Collar are an made from a durable plastic material that will last the abuse that Elizabethan Dog collars are known to receive. The use of a Kong E-Collars guarantees safety and comfort for your pet.

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