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at LOW PRICES only at PetStreetMall.com. K&H is the premier manufacturer of heated dog beds and Pet Street Mall is proud to offer a variety of their excellent, high quality items. Every item is an example of the best in the entire pet industry and when you buy a K&H Bed, you know that you made a wise decision.

K&H Dog Beds keep your pet warm throughout cold seasons or regions and last a lifetime. A wide variety of styles are sure to fit your pet's needs, so browse our K&H Dog Beds section and take your time in choosing the product that would be right for your dog. Any item that you choose is guaranteed to be great!

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K&H Information

Located in Colorado Springs, CO, K&H Manufacturing is the largest dedicated producer of heated dog beds in the country. K&H offers the greatest quality, innovation and selection for dogs, cats, wild and exotic birds. Each year K&H develops new and unique products to provide comfort for pets and appreciation by their owners. We know how much you care about your pets and how providing them with quality care products makes their life better. Thousands of veterinarians and pet experts use, recommend, and promote the year-round use of K&H Heated Dog Products. They find K&H Dog products reliable, affordable and beneficial to pets. Every K&H Heated Dog Bed or mat provides warmth to relax muscles for active dogs and to sooth joints & muscles for aging and arthritic pets. K&H Dog Beds works closely with Underwriters Laboratory to assure safe products for dogs and homes. With K&H's industry-changing technologies, many of our products cost less to run than the average night light. Low wattage - low operating costs. That's important in today's world of high energy costs. Only the finest materials are used to make K&H dog beds durable and long lasting.

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