Hound Heater

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The Hound Heater on sale now at over 30% off. A

Dog House Heater

pays for itself!! This

dog house furnace

has been redesigned with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Simply mount the unit, set the temperature and forget it! No more replacing elements or wondering if they burned out. It features an extreme cold weather cord for easier installation on cold days, an accurate thermostat for safe, dry heat. An automatic safety shutoff feature provides peace of mind knowing your pet will not be burned by laying on it. A

Pet House Heater

is strong enough to heat even the largest of dog houses. When properly installed in your dog's house, it doesn't take up any laying space and keeps your animal safe. Also featured is the

Hound Cooler

which is the only "active" cooling system made for pets.

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Hound Heater
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Akoma Dog Products

are are industry leaders in keeping your dog house warm. Don't forget that your dog house doesn't protect from the elements like your home does so on chilly nights year-round a

Hound Heater

is something your dog will be very appreciative of. Check out the helpful installation video above for setting up your latest Dog House Heater.

Hound Heater Articles
Hound Heater: Keeping Your Dogs Warm in Winter Outside dogs need more food during the winter months. To cope with the cold they need more calories to burn and that means you’ll need to buy more dog food. Heating a dog house won’t just keep your dogs warm, it will also save you a lot of money you’d otherwise have to spend on extra food.
Learn more about the Hound Heater space heater and how it will keep your dogs happy while saving you money…

The History of Dog Sledding In the wintertime it’s fun to think about things like the North Pole, hot cocoa and snowball fights. You may think even think about hooking a harness on your pooch and having them pull you around the neighborhood like a modern day Eskimo. Some people are surprised to learn that dog sledding is alive and well in some communities. Click Here to learn about the History of Modern Day Dog Sledding.

Common Canine Colds in the Winter When a dog gets sick it can make everyone in the house miserable. It is no fun to take care of a pooch that doesn’t feel well. The old saying "As sick as a dog" reigns true when you have a pup that goes into coughing and sneezing fits.
If symptoms are mild and you’re dog is not elderly or a puppy, you can treat their illness the same way you would a person. Click Here to Learn About Canine Colds.

How To Make Sure Your Dog is Happy Outside Year-Round Dogs love it outside. Sadly, bad weather can force your dog into their doghouse to take shelter. If you don’t have a Hound Heater in your dog’s outdoor home, you’re potentially risking the health and well being of your pooch. A heating mechanism can allow your dog to stay cozy in their doghouse all year long. CLICK HERE to see how a Hound Heater can benefit your pup.
Using a Doghouse in the Wintertime It doesn’t matter what season it is, dogs need to be let outside. Even if you’re just going out for a short walk, your pooch will appreciate the fresh air. Breeds with thicker hair have a brilliant resilience against the cold, so they can enjoy the outdoors even longer, but they still need a bit of help staying warm. CLICK HERE to see how you can warm up your dog and its environment this winter.

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