Hound Cooler

    • Effectively cools pets after long walks
    • Keeps your pet cool during travel
    • Very portable & comes with a handy cooling cooler with a built-in battery pack for the Cooling Pad
    • Becomes cool within minutes
    • Powered by 4 "D" cell batteries (6-volt) for 75+ hours or plugs into your cigarette lighter adapter (12-volt) (Batteries Sold Separately/Car Charger Sold Separately)
    • Very comfortable cushioned Cooling Pad
    • Only "active" cooling system made
    • Chew proof tubing cover
    • Easy to clean Cooling Pad
    • Actual Size of Cooling Pad: 11" x 22"

The Hound Cooler comes with a handy cooling Cooler with a built-in Battery Pack for the Cooling Pad.

Hound Cooler (11" x 22")

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Keep your hot dog cool all summer long with the Hound Cooler. Designed to effectively keep your pet cool during long trips or cool down your pet after exercise or hunting trips. Simply fill the cooler with ice and enough water to cover the pump and turn it on. Operates on 4 "D" cell batteries for 75+ hours.

The Hound Cooler uses a patented system to pump cold water from the specially designed cooler, through a series of carefully placed tubing in the pad. The constant, cold water flow, provides many hours of comfort.

Inside the Hound Cooler there is a pump. Simply add ice and water to the Hound Cooler to completely submerge the pump. Plug the Hound Cooler's connector wire into the 4 "D" Cell Battery Pack or 12 volt Adapter (adapter sold separately). Within two minutes or less, you will see the chilled water flowing into the cooling pad. Please remember to place the cooling pad with the Hound Cooler logo side up. This is the side your pet will be laying on to receive maximum cooling. Always place the pad lower or at the same level as your Hound Cooler. This will greatly improve your Hound Cooler's performance.

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