• Breezer fan-30,000 hr. rated life at 18 watts
  • Heating element, 50,000 hr. rated life at 150 watts (replaceable)
  • Thermostat +/_ 4 degrees F
  • 100,000 cycle rated life (replaceable)
  • 8 ft cord, w/3 prong grounded end
  • Weight 6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 4.5"
The Heat-N-Breeze solves all doghouse ventilation problems with heating and cooling!.
Regular Price - $228.99
Sale Price - $159.95

Akoma has recently designed the Heat-N-Breeze to be its best dog house product yet! It utilizes the existing Hound Heater design and combines it with a quiet fan which brings in fresh air into the dog house when it’s hot out. Aesthetically the Heat-N-Breeze is identical to the Hound Heater and even uses the same mounting plate for placement on the dog house.
The cooling properties of the Heat-N-Breeze enable it to refresh the air in the dog house 1-2 times a minute. The fan is quiet keeping the noise level below 45dB which is low enough to be a soothing sound for your dog. The 30,000 hour fan draws in outside air at a rate of 24 cu ft. per minute enabling your dog to stay cool on hot days.
You custom set the thermostat which will save you from running the unit unnecessarily and that in turn will save you money. The exterior of the unit is constructed of 16 gauge powder coated steel making it virtually indestructible.
Operating the Heat-N-Breeze is simple and intuitive but just in case there are included instructions for setup and installation. Another new feature is that all covers protecting the controls are locked using a simple “allen/hex screw”. All units come with a spring protected cord to help prevent chewing, accessories/tools to make installation easy.
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