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Health care for small animals is important. We've included the essentials in our small animal health care section. Here you will find medicine for common diseases, only use after diagnosed by a vet of course. We have vitamins to keep your pet healthy and grooming products. Critter care is an excellent product to help teach beginners how to take care of their small pet. Our grooming section includes products to help relieve allergies, clean your small animal, and get a sparkling good smelling cage.

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CritterCare uses interactive audio messages and playful animal animations to make caring for your family’s pets fun and entertaining! CritterCare™ teaches children how to properly care and nurture small pets by providing gentle reminders to feed, clean, treat and play with their pet - on a schedule you set! A “ Real-Time” clock alerts to the pet’s specific need with playful audio messages and cartoon animations. Once the need is attended to, the “Need Button” signaled by a flashing light is pushed . The child is rewarded with an audio message and animation - thanking them for their care & attention. The “Mood” of the pet then automatically re-sets and is raised to a “Happy Status” - indicated in the length of the bar above the multi-color mood strip.

Allergy Relief Pet Wipes are a non-toxic formulation of proteins and natural conditioners that help control pet dander by sealing the hair shaft, neutralizing the allergen (dander) and removing dead hair. Allergy Relief Pet Wipes pH is adjusted for application on dogs and cats. The allergy relief wipe has no fragrance added. The only smell to the wipe is due to the ingredients themselves. The Simple Solution® Allergy Relief Pet Wipes can be used on cats and dogs, as well as small animals such as ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, etc. Allergy Relief Pets Wipes can be used once a week. Although the Simple Solution® Allergy Relief Pets Wipes are safe enough to use daily, it will not be more effective using it every day. Applying it every 2 to 3 days will give the maximum effectiveness. There is no rinsing required after using the allergy relief wipe on your pet. A disposable wipe can be used once and all the ingredients in the product are non-toxic. We suggest using the Simple Solution® Allergy Relief Pet Wipes on the pet first and then applying the flea and tick spray.

The Simple Solution® Grooming Glove for Pets can be hand or machine washed in cold water. Simply hang to dry after washing. Grooming gloves are ideal for keeping your pet clean between washings. Perfect for keeping hair build up non-existent on couches and other populated places in the house. Grooming Glove for Pets can be used on cats and dogs, as well as small animals such as ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, etc. No matter the age of your pet feel free to use your Grooming Gloves daily. They are even safe for use on pregnant animals.

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