Healers Wraps

    • 1 wrap
    • 2 gauze inserts
    • Size Chart:
    • Small: 18"
    • Medium: 24"
Healers Wraps - Small 18"
Regular Price - $14.99
Sale Price - $9.95

Healers Wraps - Medium 24"

Regular Price - $14.99
Sale Price - $9.95

Healers Replacement Gauze - Small Square (8 count)
For use with Healers Wraps or Healers Booties.

Regular Price - $7.99
Sale Price - $4.95

Healers Wraps Information:

This bandage, the Healers Wraps is designed for your pet’s leg to aid in the healing process so that your pet is back to supreme health in no time at all. These wraps should be dressed from the bottom up with the hook edge along the lower edge while working up the leg. If the wraps are too short then you can easily connect additional wraps. If the length is too long then you can cut it to fit properly. Just as with Bowserwear’s Healers Booties you can get great gauze inserts which will help your pet’s wounds heal even faster. If you've used all the included inserts you can get more here by ordering a pack of replacement square gauze just like the gauze which was included in your purchase of the Healers Wraps. Be sure when using the Healers Wraps that you apply it so it fits snugly so its as comfortable as possible while providing its protection for your pet's wounds.

When shopping at PetStreetMall you’ll always get the best products for less. At these low costs it’s practically a steal! So if your pet has an injury and the solutions you’ve come up with so far have gotten you nowhere then look into the Healers Wraps as a quick healing solution. The photo below is a simple example of how you should use the Healers Wraps for any cuts, scratches, etc. to heal your pet quickly. Even though Bowserwear is still a fairly new company they are a specialty retailer so their products are focused and top notch.

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