Hairball Remedies and Hairball Prevention

Hairballs are a very common thing in cats, which can be easily prevented and remedied. That’s why no cat should be left untreated, we’ve compiled the highest quality and trustworthy products for hairball prevention. We have lower prices on hairball prevention and hairball treatment than anywhere else. Left untreated, hairballs can cause serious illness and in rare cases, death. That’s why we’ve made sure to provide you with the finest products for the treatment and prevention of hairballs.

Hairball Remedies

Hairballs are caused by how much time cats spend grooming themselves. Cats swallow fur while they are grooming, which usually passes through the system, unless too much is swallowed. Treatments becomes necessary when cats start vomiting hairballs more than once a week or have other symptoms (i.e. bad breath, lethargy, loss of appetite or if the cat tries to vomit but cannot). You can start to prevent too much hair ingestion by grooming your cat regularly with a comb or brush. However, if the symptoms above are present, you might need a hairball remedy. Hairball remedies should be given to your cat two to three hours before it eats anything. However, preventing hairballs is the most effective method for your cat. Our hairball prevention kit does just that, it includes a slicker brush, a tube of malt hairball remedy, and a tube dispensing key.

Our St.John Petromalt fish hairball remedy is an easy to use gel that your cat will love to lick up, and can be mixed with food if needed. This delicious paste is a tasty treat for your cat that helps eliminate and prevent hairballs. Petromalt nutrimalt is a veterinarian approved nutritional supplement that helps reduce shedding and scratching, while nourishing a healthy skin and lustrous coat. A deficiency of essential fatty acid or fat soluble vitamins in your cat's diet can result in dry, itching skin, and excessive shedding. Nutrimalt provides an important mix of essential fatty acids and vitamins to promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Cats love the malt flavor--feed directly or mix with food.

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