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Below you will find the very best hunting dog collars in the industry. These hunting collars are recommended for gun dogs and not companion pets. We do not recommend using these hunting dog trainers on your companion pet. If you would like to see our companion pet trainers, click here.

These collars are designed for use in outdoor, sporting conditions. They are adjusted for training dogs in harsher environments, and for sport-related tasks. These are excellent for all hunting and sporting applications.

Pet Street Mall is the largest, most experienced source for Hunting Dog Collars. We have the knowledge and know-how to provide you with the answers to all of your questions. In addition, we pride ourselves on giving you the most trusted information and offering the lowest prices anywhere.

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Hunting Dog collars are an excellent choice for dogs of all breeds. We have a wide variety of gun dog collars for you to choose from. We offer basic electronic dog hunting collars such as Innotek ADV-300 Gun Dog Collar, Innotek ADV-1000 Hunting Dog Collar and Innotek ADV-1002 Gun Dog Collars. You will also find here our reliable tracking systems like the Innotek RD-400 Tracking System, TT-100A TRACK AND TRAIN Beeper Collar, and SportDOG Deluxe Beeper Collar. For our SportDOG hunting dog collars, you have the option to choose among our most advanced and reliable products like the PSSD-400 Standard, PSSD-400S hunting dog Trainer, PSSD-800 Standard, PSSD-402 2-Dog hunting dog Trainer, PSSD-400 CAMO, PSSD-800 CAMO, PSSD-2000 Wetland Hunter, SD-1200 Sport Hunter, SD-2400 1.5 Mile Hunter and SD-3200 Hound Hunter. Whatever type of hunting dog collar you choose, you can be certain that it has the highest quality and long-lasting performance.

We know that it is important for you to find the most appropriate collar for your hardworking and busy dogs. That’s why we have gathered all the best and most reliable dog hunting collars. We can guarantee that all of these dog collars are good for training and will efficiently teach your dogs the right behavior. Our field hunting collars are designed to be used by professional trainers and beginner field trainers who always wanted to have the basic control on their little companion. With these hi-tech collars, you can now control your dog from a distance without losing the signal.

Field dog hunting collars feature a patented fade free technology that provides a solid range and less signal distortion and noise. For your total assurance, Pet Street Mall’s offered field hunting collars are made by the most trusted manufacturers, Innotek and SportDOG. With these companies which are known to provide the most dependable and high quality dog supplies, you can ensure that your dogs will behave properly after a couple of days of training. In fact, our aim is to provide you with the best gun dog collars that you can use in the field. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our products because our transmitter sends a stronger signal, less noise and more reliable frequency signal even if the dog’s collar is far away. With these hunting dog collars, your dog will never be out of your sight again while in the field.

If you are looking for a device which can be used in field hunting, you have come to the right place! Our field dog hunting collars have the most consistent performance with the affordable price that will surely fit your budget. These hunting dog tools are really worth buying because of the best features they can give. So if you are going to buy field dog hunting collars for your pet, choose our product which is durable and dependable. Our field dog hunting collars have met all the quality control standards. At the same time, these gun dog collars are proven to be safe and effective in training your dog. With the superiority of this product, everyone can make sure that training a dog will now be as easy as 1-2-3!

Truly, nothing can be more effective than these dog hunting collars. To make your dog secured while hunting in the field, use hunting dog collars. And with these dog hunting tracking and gun dog collars, you will always have the ability to control your dog from a distance. So what are you waiting for?! Try these products to your dogs today!

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