Freestanding Pet Gate HS in Autumn Matte

  • Adjusts from openings of 28.3" to 47.2" wide.
  • Side panel base designed to prevent tipping over.
  • Rubber feet protect floor surfaces.
  • Fast and Easy Set Up.
  • Folds for easy storage or transport.
  • Wire is 7 Gage or 0.144"
Height Span Slat Space Leg Span Type
27.5" 28.3" to 47.2" 1 1/4" 23.6 Free Standing
Freestanding Pet Gate HS in Autumn Matte
Regular Price - $172.99
Sale Price - $120.99

Gate Height: is 27.5" tall and can fit 28.3" to 47.2" openings. Leg Span is 23.6". The Freestanding Pet gate HS can be placed anywhere to confine or as a barrier. Side panels at each end are designed to keep the gate from tipping over. Rubber feet also keep the gate from sliding. The side panels fold in for easy storage or transport. Made with beautiful hardwood construction, this freestanding gate will augment any interior. Side panel supports fold in for easy storage and transport. Recommended for small to medium dogs. 1 1/4" space between wire slats. Wire is 7 Gauge or 0.144".

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