Folding Dog Crates

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Folding dog crates are a perfect mix of transportability and sturdy design. Ideal for dog owners who transport their pet often, the unique folding design makes it easy for you to set up and take down this well built dog crate.

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We offer a variety of folding dog crates by different brands. Midwest has several makes of folding dog crates. The Midwest I crate folding crate is offered in single and double door. Midwest select folding crate is offered in triple door. The select folding crate includes a dvd on crate training and comes in a attractive fleck tone pewter epoxy powder coated finish. Midwest Lifestage folding crates are adaptable as your puppy grows. These folding dog crates are available in single, double, and triple door. Championship offers side by side folding crates.

Great Crate Accessories for Your Pet Crate

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