Indoor 3 Level Cage

  • Better design for a large home
  • Multiple levels add layers of living space
  • Low profile style is safer for small pets and connectable pen expands living space
  • 31.25"W x 20.5"D x 32"H
Indoor 3 Level Cage
Regular Price - $209.99
Sale Price - $170.95

This multi-level home is for indoor use and makes the perfect home for a ferret or other small pets that like to climb. Provides lots of space and levels for your pet to enjoy! Comes ready to assemble with instructions in box. Medium size and available in blue.

  • Ramps are 5.25'' w x 12.75" long
  • Shelves are 17"w x 8.25" deep
  • Slide out tray
  • Attaches to Universal & Pop-Up Play pens
  • 4 "E-Z" Roll Casters
  • 2 Comfortable Solid-Surface Shelves
  • 2 Safe Treaded Ramps
  • Removable Floor Grid

This spacious, three-level indoor hutch features an innovative, versatile design with ample space for pets to play. It's a perfect home for rabbits when used with the included, removable floor grid. When you take the floor grid out the hutch transforms into a home suited for chinchillas and ferrets. The hutch is constructed of heavy gauge, powder-coated wire with a rust-proof finish and 7/8" spacing. Two secure-locking doors allow for easy access to your pets. Features a simple, 8-bolt assembly with plastic, snap-on shelves and ramps. Four plastic rolling casters make cleaning and moving from room to room easy. Three snap-on shelves and three pet-safe, treaded ramps make comfortable and clever use of vertical space. The plastic, slide-out pan and removable floor grid makes daily cleaning a breeze. Plus, the hutch's design allows you to easily add a playpen to expand your pet's living space.

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