Feline Nuvo

Feline Nuvo (Formerly Catitude) Cat Furniture is designed with a cat's lifestyle in mind and purfect for the chic cat. With ultra-soft faux fur the midwest feline nuvo (catitude) cat furniture has unique designer print fabric. Feline Nuvo cat furniture collection comes with 6 designs that guarantee a great place for you kitty to hang out and have fun.

Feline Nuvo (Formerly Catitude)
Feline Nuvo
(Catitude) Salvador
  • platform perch and lounging lookout
  • 22" L x 18" W x 31" H
  • Weight: 13 lbs
starts at $ 50.95
Feline Nuvo
(Catitude) Carnival
  • Flexible arms dangle toy balls
  • Size: 22"L x 15" W x 37" H
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
starts at $ 65.95
Feline Nuvo
(Catitude) Tower
  • Sisal-wrapped supports and cubby retreat
  • Size: 22"L x 15" W x 51"H
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
starts at $ 99.95
Feline Nuvo
Feline Nuvo FeistyFeline Nuvo
  • 30 inches tall
  • Soft Faux Fur
  • 3 Spring Balls
  • Sturdy Design
Sale Price $48.95
Feline Nuvo EscapadeFeline Nuvo
  • 40 1/4 inches tall
  • Sisal-Wrapped Supports
  • 1 Spring Ball
  • Easy assembly
Sale Price $119.95
Feline Nuvo AvalonFeline Nuvo
  • 57 inches tall
  • High-Rise Bolster Bed
  • Hammock
  • Sisal-Wrapped Supports
Sale Price $179.95

Feline Nuvo ResortFeline Nuvo
  • High-Rise Hooded Bed
  • Hoop Hammock
  • Resting Platforms with Sisal-Wrapped Supports
Sale Price $95.95
Feline Nuvo PLayhouseFeline Nuvo
  • Two-Level Cubby Retreat
  • Flexible Arms Dangle Toys Above Lounging Lookout
  • High-Rise Bolstered Perch
Sale Price $122.95
Feline Nuvo Information

Like the artist that shares its name, the Feline Nuvo (Catitude)Salvador is a work of art and is a festive, fun piece of cat furniture. Your furry friend will soon make the Feline Nuvo (Catitude) Salvador a favorite hangout, with it's plush perch and lookout.

The Feline Nuvo (Catitude) Carnival is a fun and whimsical piece of furniture that your cat will love laying on and playing with. The Feline Nuvo (Catitude) Carnival has flexible arms with suspended toy balls that will entice your cat to play. When play time is over and nap time is here, your kitty will find a comfortable cubby retreat and resting bench. As if that wasn't enough, the Feline Nuvo (Catitude) Carnival also features sisal wrapped poles for scratching. It's a carnival of fun for your cat!

Your kitty can be the king of his own castle with the Feline Nuvo (Catitude) Tower from the Midwest cat furniture product line. This high-rise kitty perch features a bolstered lounging perch, multiple resting benches, a cubby retreat and plenty of sisal wrapped poles for scratching. The Feline Nuvo (Catitude) Tower also has a couple of suspended toy balls for added fun. The Feline Nuvo (formerly Catitude) cat furniture collection puts the fun back in feline furniture!

Cats love to play and with all the wonderful features of the Feline Nuvo Feisty your cat will enjoy many great options to play with. 3 spring balls and a balance beam your cat will absolutely love their new Feline Nuvo Feisty.

Large and quite comfortable the Feline Nuvo Escapade could be the perfect piece of furniture for your home and your cat will love it. With plush bolster beds, a tunnel and a dangling play spring ball whether it’s resting, climbing or playing your cat wont be able to get enough of the Feline Nuvo Escapade.

Featuring four levels, a hide away, a hammock, and to resting perches the Feline Nuvo Avalon is perfect for naps and cats that love to climb high. At 57 inches high the Feline Nuvo Avalon is the tallest of all Midwest’s cat furniture line. The covering on the post is great for your cat to scratch all over.

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