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There are several benefits to using an elevated dog feeder or raised dog dish for your pet. Better posture, especially with older dogs. Better digestion - food travels from mouth to stomach faster and easier. Less stress on the neck, joints, hip and shoulder area as well as the canine forearm/wrist area. Helps prevent dogs from moving and spilling bowls. Plus they look tidier and more attractive in your home.

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About Elevated Pet Feeders

Why should I get an Elevated Dog Feeder? Elevated Cat Feeders are great for pets because they provide comfort. Non elevated pet feeders can cause pain for your pet and hurt their joints. Elevated Dog Feeders allow for a more natural digestion process. Elevated cat feeders are great for any pet, but they especially help older pets. We have selected elevated pet feeders to fit in with the decor of your home, and provide your pet with the utmost comfort while eating. Our elevated pet feeders are designed in the ergonomically correct feeding position for improving digestion and posture, and reducing stress on joints that may eventually lead to cumulative degenerative disorder or osteoarthritis. Many people think that if they have a smaller pet that there is no need for an elevated feeder. That is not correct, small pets need comfortable feeding positions also. It's just as important to help small pets avoid bone and joint damage, as well as improve digestion and posture.

Additional great benefits of elevated dog feeders are improvement of cleanliness and hygiene. Elevated dog feeders also ease swallowing, which is great for dogs with mega-esophagus or other conditions that make swallowing difficult. Eating areas are kept cleaner when elevated pet feeders are used. Elevated pet feeders also help keep food and water in the bowls, instead of on the floor. Which is because dogs will lift their heads after getting food or water in their mouth so that they start swallowing. When your pet raises their head, the food that isn't swallowed will end up on the floor, creating an unsanitary mess. After a while, this can be abusive to some types of flooring. Not only is it a mess, but water that is trapped under the food dishes on your floor will harbor bacteria. With an elevated dog feeder, you won't have these problems. Elevated dog feeders also reduce gas, because they prevent gulping. Dogs with mega-esophagus appreciate elevated dog feeders because their head is raised, which allows food to not accumulate as much in their esophagus.

How do I know which size elevated pet feeder is right for my pet? That's easy! Simply measure from your pets feet to the withers, and then subtract six inches. The measurement you get is proper height of an elevated feeder for your pet.

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