Einstein E-Collars

Einstein E-Collars are developed by poeple who have proven themselves within the e-collar dog training industry. E-Collar Technologies are innovators for using low level stimulation with the

Einstein Collar

to condition dogs to obey without the use of high levels of corrective stimulus that is often used.

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Einstein E-Collars
Einstein 2Dog 802 Medium-Large Dog Training Collar Einstein 802
Dog Training Collar
  • Up to 2 Dogs
  • Night Tracking Light
  • 0 to 100 of stimulation
  • System starts at $369.99
    Einstein Remote
    Dog Trainer 3/4 mile
  • 3/4 Mile Range
  • 2 Dog Available ET-402TS
  • Remote Night Light
  • Starting at: $299.99
    Einstein E-Collar Articles
    Einstein E-Collars If you're going to name your products after the revered genius Albert Einstein they had better live up to the name in quality and innovation. E-Collar Technologies' range of Einstein training collars checks both those boxes. Each collar is assembled in the U.S. before being rigorously tested to exacting standards, and they all feature E-Collar's proprietary low-level stimulation technology that is regarded as the most humane on the market.
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    Einstein E-Collar Information

    Einstein E-Collars have a proprietary stimulation circuitry, which mimics the correction from a mother, has been proven to improve the effectiveness and reduce stress on the dog in training.

    Einstein Dog Training Collars

    are specifically designed to give you exact control of the stimulation level. Try an

    Einstein ECollar

    today and get the results you seek.

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