Drinkwell Cleaning Kit

    • Convenient way to clean where you
      can't reach with a sponge
    • Works with all Drinkwell Pet Fountains
    • Vinyl wraps protect wire shaft from rust
    • Flared sponge tip for deep cleaning
    • Keep your fountain operating smoothly

The Drinkwell Cleaning Kit makes cleaning your Drinkwell fountain easy.

Drinkwell Cleaning Kit
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Cleaning your Drinkwell pet fountains is easy enough, but some spots just can’t be reached with a sponge. The Drinkwell Cleaning Kit includes new, improved features like a plastic molded handle, flared sponge tip for deep cleaning, and vinyl wraps to protect the wire shaft from rust. Works with all Drinkwell fountains. Keep your Drinkwell fountain functioning smoothly and providing your pets with great-tasting, healthy water.

    Drinkwell Cleaning Kit Features
  • Keep your fountain cleaner by getting to the hard-to-reach spots.
  • Gives your fountain longer life.
  • Good for all Drinkwell Fountains.
  • The fountain should be cleaned about once a week.
  • The inside of the motor should be cleaned every 2 weeks to prevent food & hair from clogging the motor.
    Drinkwell Cleaning Kit Brushes
  • 2" diameter brush with a flared tip helps clean corners & edges in the fountain housing.
  • 5/8" diameter brush cleans the intake tube.
  • 3/8" diameter brush cleans the inside of the motor cavity.

Now with new improved features, such as a plastic molded handle, a flared sponge tip for deep cleaning, and vinyl wraps to protect the wire shaft from rust.

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