Big Dog Feeder 16" Black

  • These revolutionary raised feeders keep dogs positioned correctly for eating.
  • Eating in the upright position helps alleviate Gastric Dilation and Volvulus, or bloating.
  • The Large Feeder is 16 inches tall and comes with two 4-quart stainless steel bowls.
Big Dog Feeder 16" Black
Regular Price - $91.99
Sale Price - $63.99

Does your best friend weigh almost as much as you do? An OurPet's brand original, the Big Dog Feeder is designed exclusively for large pets. It provides all the benefits of our other elevated diners, but stands 16" tall to accommodate even the biggest dogs. Designed specifically for the 'big dogs' (over 50 pounds and 19" or higher at the withers ), it provides ergonomically correct feeding for improving digestion and posture. It also reduces stress on joints that may eventually lead to osteoarthritis. The special 'big dog' design includes sand-fillable legs to prevent tipping, as well as extra large dishes for minimizing mess. All OurPet's brand feeders feature a 5-year warranty through the manufacturer.

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