Doggie Washer Hand-Held Pet Washer

  • Wash and rinse your pet in less than 5 minutes
  • Attaches to any garden hose
  • Four powerful streams of water jet from the fingers
  • Pets truly love the feel so they will stay in place for washing - it feels like a back scratch
  • Very deep and effective cleaning of even the oiliest hair
  • Fingers penetrate way down below the fur to scrub the skin
  • Floats dirt up, out, and off the pet
  • Usable in all weather
  • Valve included for 100% control of water flow for around the eyes, ears, and nose
  • Ergonomic design allows effective washing of even the legs, chest, tummy, and tail
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.
Doggie Washer Hand-Held Pet Washer
Regular Price - $28.99
Sale Price - $19.95

The Doggiewasher! is a patented, award-winning dog washing and grooming tool which makes washing your dog easy and is something your pet will love. It attaches to any garden hose, or you can use our tub and sink adapter, and has four powerful water streams which will feel like a back scratch to your dog. The four powerful streams of water penetrate through dog's fur to it's skin, floating dirt up and off of your pet's skin. The ergonomic design allows for complete and effective washing of the legs, chest, tummy, and tail - all while keeping your hands clean and out of harsh shampoos.

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