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Dog Cages are great for all dog owners, as they offer many benefits. First, a dog cage provides your dog with a place to call their own. Dogs are naturally den creatures so they find these enclosures to be comforting. In addition, they can be used to transport your dog safely from one location to another. Finally, they offer the best way to house train young dogs while allowing the owner to be aware of their location at all times and a warning for when the dog needs to relieve itself.

Here at PetStreetMall, we offer the convenience of delivering great selection of pet cages in the comfort of your own home. We carry the most sophisticated and sturdiest line of dog cages that you can avail at best prices. Our featured dog cages are also made by the leading manufacturers in the industry so you can be confident that you will only get high quality products for your dogs. Check out our great selection and find the perfect pet cage to meet your needs. We have a huge selection of the best dog cages available at the Lowest Prices around.
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Dog Cages


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Dog Cages Articles
The Do's and Don'ts of Dog Cage Training It is important to make cage training as enjoyable as possible for your pup so he enjoys being in his cage and doesn't associate it with anxiety. Here at PetStreetMall we have gathered together all the information to help you cage train your dog as quickly and easily as possible.Learn More...
Do Dogs Like Dog Cages? Could a dog really like his cage? We get this question all of the time, and the answer is yes. Dogs love the comfort and security of their cage because it's a part of their natural, wild instincts. If you want to learn more about a dog's love for cages, check out the full scoop here.

Think Outside The Box... Errr Cage For many homes, the addition of a metal dog cage in their living room has cost them serious home decorating points. It doesn't matter if you are trying to make the cover of Southern Living or just keeping a tasteful home, a metal dog cage can kill the glamour of a room. Fortunately, there is hope for homeowners that are shopping for dog cages. CLICK HERE to see some classier versions of the modern dog cage.

Dog Cage Information

A Dog Cage at PetStreetMall is your dog's private place within your home. Just like us, dogs want to have a place that they can call their own. They also want a personal territory that is safe and comfortable as they take a rest or spend sometime alone. With dog cages, they can find a comfortable zone where they can have privacy. Pet Cages also offer an excellent solution to house-training that can help in minimizing destructive behavior of your dog.

There is a huge variety of cages available on the market today. Each dog cage offers special features and functionality. Cages for your dogs also differ in designs, styles, materials used and colors. Choosing the kind of cage for your dog is just a matter of finding the one that meets your particular requirements and tight budget as well.


Fold and Carry Wire Dog Cages
When it comes to mobility, the fold and carry wire dog cage is the perfect choice for your dog. The traditional wire pet cage has been developed to provide your dog with a wonderful and secure place while at home or during travel. Made from the most dependable wires, these fold and carry wire cages are just great for providing your dog with his own private space. The fold and carry wire cages are great for pet owners who travel frequently but don't want to leave their dog alone.

Large Dog Cages
Our Large Dog Cages are the biggest drop pine wire cage that we carry. It is very strong and durable to keep your large dogs safely contained. It is perfect for creating a little safe haven within your home for your dog which is all their own. Since it uses a drop pin construction it is significantly sturdier than the traditional fold and carry cages.

Soft Dog Cages
If you prefer to give your dog a more elegant and comfortable place, a soft dog cage can be an ideal choice. The soft dog cages are the newest trends in dog comfort. Available in various colors and styles, your dog will surely thank you for buying one for him. And because our selection of soft pet cages is designed for outdoor and indoor use, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time.

Wicker Dog Cages
For pet owners who are looking for an ultimate dog cage that combines excellent craftsmanship, comfort and style, our featured wicker pet cage is definitely a great buy. Available in many attractive designs and colors, our wicker dog cages will not only provide your dog with a comfortable place to rest, but also a fashionable home that is easy to clean. Wicker cages can also add more elegance to your home's interior.

Provide your dog the best of everything he deserves. He makes you smile and takes care of you, too. So, a simple and comfortable place for your dog should never be a burden on your end. It should be a kind of home out of love, a home within your home. Let them feel loved.

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