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Dog Houses are one of the most reliable and convenient ways to provide shelter for your pet. Whether you live in an area with high summer temperatures or extremely low temperatures in the winter, you can rest assured that a Pet House will be able to shade your pet from the heat and block the cool temperatures and wind. We have a large assortment of Pet Houses that will essentially fit any size pet. Remember, here at PetStreetMall all orders over $50 will ship directly to you for Free!

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Dog House Articles
Today's Most Famous, Charming, and Outrageous Dog Houses- Looking for a new dog house can be a really fun experience because there are so many different styles and designs. Some of these designs have become pieces of history, while others are just simply outrageous. However, the best types of dog houses for most people are charming designs that give a dog everything they really need. Learn More...
How To Build a Doghouse Building a doghouse is not a difficult procedure. With basic hand tools and a trip to the hardware store you can complete the job over the weekend, you can also get the kids involved with the project. If you’re thinking about treating your pooch to a new pad, Click Here To Learn How To Build a Doghouse.
How Cold is Too Cold For Your Pooch? Some dogs enjoy the cold better than others. Recently at a dog park, a Chihuahua was spotted shivering uncontrollably in 72-degree weather while a St. Bernard next to it was seen panting and drooling as if it were in the Sahara. The fact is that all dogs handle the cold differently, and as a pet owner it is smart to keep your pooch comfortable when the weather becomes harsh. Click Here to find out How Cold is Too Cold For Your Pooch.
Being in the Doghouse has Never Been so Good Once there was a time when being sent to the doghouse was filled with shame. Fido would slink away, dolefully looking back over his shoulder as he went, trudging towards a rough old makeshift doghouse made of whitewashed fence posts. Today’s doghouses are more like dog mansions than dog houses, and it’s surprising Fido isn’t getting in trouble on purpose just to be sent there! Read More...
Customizing Your Pre-Fab Dog House Whether you live on a farm or in the middle of suburbia, having a dog house can be a great delight for you and your pooch. The ability to keep your dog in the backyard with shelter and warmth is a gift that countless furry companions will appreciate. Unfortunately, many dog owners have found that the options for pre-made dog houses are too tame. CLICK HERE to learn how you can customize your dog’s pad.
Dog House Information

Dog Houses are multifunctional buildings that will give your pet a place to sleep, relax, stay comfortable, and dry. Pet Houses come in a wide array of sizes, colors and designs so it will be able to match any home exterior and any size dog. Our Pet Houses are sturdy, durable and properly ventilated. Made from materials like wood, plastic, and concrete, pet owners can trust that all our products will exceed their expectations. Our more popular Houses are those that are made from wood and replicate a real modern day home. Easy to clean, spacious they will satisfy every pet’s needs. We also carry Houses that are made from cedar. Get the best Pet House without breaking the bank. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50. Save Today on the most advance Pet Houses on the web.

With designs that mimic real houses, your furry friends will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. All our Pet Houses are constructed with the most durable materials that will give you years of use. We have Dog Houses that are un-finished so pet owners can paint it to whatever color they wish or apply preferred lacquers or stains to the wood making it an even more beautiful addition to the home. We also offer additional accessories that will keep your pet warm or cool during seasonal months. Get only the best products when you shop with us.

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