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PetStreetMall is now offering Dog Crates at 30%-50% OFF the regular price + FREE SHIPPING! The pet crates we carry are from top rated manufacturers which well provide to you at the lowest prices. A dog crate is great for training, traveling, and relaxing. Our crates come in a variety of sizes, so utilize our breed sizing chart to find the best sized crate for your dog. We have a wide variety of crate styles available to choose from, such as; Single, Double, and Triple door or Soft, Foldable, Wicker, and Wooden. A heavy duty dog crate is constructed to last through years of use by even the toughest dogs. Once you have selected your pet crate, take a look through our accessories to find great additions for your brand new crate!

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What Dog Crate Size Do I Need? If you have a wife, you'll rarely be asked "What kind of wife do you have?" That's because humans are all pretty much the same. According to the National Genome Research Institute, "All human beings are 99.9 percent identical in their genetic makeup." However, this is not the same for dogs. Dogs are the most genetically diverse mammal on earth. They come in different breeds, sizes, and body types. Because of this diversity, dog owners must pay careful attention to the pet products that they buy their canines. One of the most important products related to a dog's size is the dog's crate. Crates should suit your dog's needs, so he can be comfortable, happy, and disciplined. We have all of the information about different pet crate sizes and what size is best for you. Learn More...

Are Dog Crates Safe?
When preparing to use a dog crate, you may begin to wonder if it really is a safe option. Well, it is true; a crate can become dangerous if not used properly. Here at petstreetmall, we have all of the information to help you safely use a dog crate. Learn More
Crate Training a Dog - Things to Avoid
Crate training is an important and delicate process. It is important to make the entire undertaking as enjoyable as possible for your pup. Here at PetStreetMall, we have all of the information to help you make crate training your dog as easy as possible. Learn More...
Dog Crate Training
If you are thinking about purchasing one, or already own a crate you may be wondering "How do I get my dog to enjoy being in here?" Well, the key is to build positive associations and not rush the process. If you want to learn all of the best tips, check out our article on Dog Crate Training right now.
Helping Rescue Dogs Get Adjusted To Crates Rescuing a dog is a gracious act. It's sometimes tough to take home a dog without knowing what the pup's life was like before he or she ended up where you found them. Because of this, taking a dog home and training it to use a crate is a tough task, as many aren't too excited about being in a cage again. However, with the right kind of crate, your new dog can feel comfortable and right at home with its new family. CLICK HERE to see how rescue dogs can be trained to use Dog Crates
Types of Dog Crates

Fold and Carry Crates
The fold and carry crates are among the best for the owner who travels often. The setup and teardown is easy. This is the more traditional type of crate we carry, that provides your pet a secure place whether at home or on the road traveling. Ideal for when you have company that may be a bit fearful or skittish around dogs to allow them to warm up to being around your pet.

Large Dog Crates
Our Large Crate is the biggest drop pine wire crate we carry. It is very strong and durable to keep your large dogs safely contained. It is perfect for creating a little safe haven within your home for your dog which is all their own. Since it uses a drop pin construction it is significantly more sturdy than the traditional fold and carry crates we sell.

Soft Crates
For the dog owner who is constantly taking day trips or loves camping. Soft Crates are exactly what you need. Designed to work well indoors or outdoors and its ability to take up very little space and carry easily, the soft crates will make taking your dog on these outings so much more enjoyable.

Wicker Crates
If you want a beautiful crate which blends in with your home better than a folding wire crate or a soft crate, then you should check out our wicker crates. Our wicker crates bring together quality durable crates with a stylish wicker outer casing that won't just blend into your home's decor but will actually add to it. Since it is covered it works perfectly as your dog's new favorite spot for naps. Coming in various colors these wicker crates are some of the absolute best crates on the market today.

Wooden Crates
Wooden Crates are fantastic for someone who wants their dog to be crated in complete style. These crates are perfect to use as end tables or night stands so even when your dog is in their crate they are always right by your side. Coming in a variety of wood colorings you should be able to find one that will work best for your home and your pet.

Great Crate Accessories for Your Pet Crate

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