Dog Collar
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Water Walker Retractable Leash
Microfiber harnesses with hook and loop closures are easy to use and stain resistant.
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Extra Durable Bridle Leather with Alternating Spikes and Spots.
Dog Collars made From the Finest Quality Leather. A Great Combination of Look and Durability.
Extra Strong Dawg-Tuff Nylon with Heavy Duty Quick-Klip Buckles.
Strong Nylon colorfull leashes with a clip that swivals 360 degrees and will not get tangled.
Turn the Neighborhood Loud Mouth into the Model Citizen with Innotek's Bark Control Collars.
Stop Unwanted Behavior, Such as Chewing, Digging or Barking with Innotek's Training Collars.
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Keep your dog more visible and safe in the evening hours
Thirteen, Sixteen and Twenty-Six Foot Retractable Leashes.
The PupLight provides light up to
200 ft in length and 70 ft in width.
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Dog Leashes Articles
5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Dog on a Leash. As a dog owner, it is your job to keep your dog from getting injured and in trouble. Going out without a leash is an unnecessary action that will put everybody at risk, including your pup. Oftentimes, this risk is not a part of our consciousness. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out our article, "5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Dog on a Leash."

Pay Attention to Your Area’s Dog Leash Laws Nothing is worse than getting a ticket for something miniscule, like jay walking for example. So, it’s important for citizens to know all of the little laws of their area. For dog owners, one law that everyone should know is there area’s dog leash laws. These laws are different all across the country; luckily, Pet Street Mall has all the inside information. Come check it out. Learn More...

The Dangers of Choker Chains Imagine for a moment you’re going for a walk and suddenly your best friend comes from behind and strangles you with a noose. The rope squeezes against your neck. Their grip tightens. You struggle harder and your eyes start to water. Again, you try to pull away and their hold tightens even more. Asphyxia sets in and your trachea crushes on top of itself. Finally you stop fighting. You give up.
This is essentially the method of training dogs with choker chains. “Check chains” or choke collars are not only inappropriate training tools but dangerous to your dog’s health. Read about better training methods and leashes Here.

Do Dogs Wag Their Tails When They Are Happy? Would you believe me if I told you that dogs have an entire language dictated by their tails? Well, it’s true. Just by looking at a dog’s tail, owners can get clues to how their dog is feeling. If you want to hear the full scoop check out our article.
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When a dog runs away it can be a traumatic experience. It can be an emotional hurdle for an entire family to deal with, but a microchip can make it easier to get your pooch back if a shelter finds it first. Some pet owners are skeptical about putting a microchip in their animal. Click Here to see what you need to know about chipping your pet.

Dog Collars and Dog Leashes at Pet Street Mall are perfect combination for your dog’s walking needs. We have the largest selection of quality and sturdy dog collars and dog leashes that will surely provide great comfort during your walk with your dear pooch friend. Having a wide assortment of chain collars, retractable dog leashes, designer leather collars, nylon collars and Swarovski crystals collars, you are sure to find the one that fits your dog's unique look and personality. Available in variety of colors and exquisite designs, our featured collars and leashes for your dogs are just in time for a great summer walk.

Walking with your dog has never been this so exciting with the Microfiber Velcro Harness. Our selection of dog harnesses under this kind is made of stain resistant microfiber material so it is almost maintenance-free. It also uses Velcro for easy and more secure closures.

Retractable Dog Leash is another ground breaking product offered at Pet Street Mall. The retractable leash is an adjustable rope or leash attached to the neck of the dog which are retractable and can be drawn back. This is considered as the most functional, truly reliable and very effective way to train and restrain your dogs.

Aside from what we have mentioned, we also have the Nylon Dog Leashes in different sizes and colors. In addition, we have Lighted Collars that are just perfect to use for dogs during a night walk. It is also an effective way to secure your pets as they cross the streets because they can easily be seen by motorists at night.

With wide assortment of dog leashes and dog collars available, it is recommended that you pick the one that fits your dog's need. Below are just some guidelines that you can use to come up with the right choice.

Picking the right collar and leash for your dog can be a daunting task sometimes. In case you need help in choosing the perfect dog collar and leash, please don't be hesitant in giving us a call. We will be more than willing to accommodate all your dog collar and dog leash related queries.

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