Deluxe Rabbitat

  • Ready to assemble
  • Hinged roof
  • Fold down front entry
  • Foot saver pannel
  • Removable wood divider
  • Front weather shield and solid right panel create enclosed protected area
  • 1" x 1" wire
  • 1/2" x 1" coated floor wire
  • Free Shipping!
Dimensions: 43"W x 34 1/2"D x 48"H
Regular Price - $469.99
Sale Price - $376.95

The Ware Deluxe Rabbitat is the ultimate way to house your bunny in comfort. And it's easy for you, too, thanks to a fold-down front entry and a hinged roof. This hutch is constructed of exterior-grade plywood with a non-toxic wood stain, paired with durable galvanized wire with 1-inch spacing. Inside is a removable wood divider, a foot saver panel, and a front weather shield that lets you create an enclosed area for your bunny during inclement weather. The floor of the hutch features .5 x 1-inch coated wire and a slide-out pan for easy cleaning.

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