Pet Bed Warmer

  • The Heated inserts fit into virtually any Pet Bed
  • Can be placed inside virtually any pet bed and is easy to use. Simply remove the outer cover of your dogs bed and place the warmer inside.
  • MET Listed
  • KH3104 Small - 8.5" x 9.5", 4 watts
  • KH3100 Medium - 6" x 20", 6 watts
  • KH3103 Large - 11" x 20", 13 watts
  • Heated

Make your regular dog bed into a Heated Dog Bed with a Pet Bed Warmer!

Pet Bed Warmer
Size: Medium (6" x 20")
Regular Price - $37.99
Sale Price - $25.95
Pet Bed Warmer
Size: Small (8.5" x 9.5")

Regular Price - $35.99
Sale Price - $24.95
Pet Bed Warmer
Size: Large (11" x 20")

Regular Price - $42.99
Sale Price - $29.95


Turn virtually any bed into a heated bed. Easy to use: simply slide insert into opening between cover and liner. The Pet Bed Warmer does not get hot to the touch. It's specifically designed to gently warm the inside of your pet's bed and when your pet lies on it, the warmth gradually radiates through the surface of the bed.

Use the Pet Bed Warmer indoors only. Sturdy double-sealed heating element and cord are safe and durable. Measures 6 x 20 inches, 6.0 watts. This product is intended for use in the United States using 110V Current. It is not suggested for use by our foreign customers as damage may occur to the product.

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