Deluxe Fresh Flow Dogs

    • Dogs love the fresh flowing water
    • Ultra quiet flow
    • Continually filters
    • Cool refreshing water supply
    • Top shelf dishwasher safe reservoir
    • Promote improved health and well being
Deluxe Fresh Flow Dogs 108oz Black 14.1" x 10.1" x 7.7"
Regular Price - $48.99
Sale Price - $33.95

Deluxe Fresh Flow Dog 216oz Bleached Linen 17.4" x 14.4" x 8"

Regular Price - $60.99
Sale Price - $42.95

The Deluxe Fresh Flow is a wonderful device which is continually filtering your pet’s water supply so it is always clean, cool, and refreshing. Some other filtration systems work in the same manner as the Deluxe Fresh Flow but many of them are noisy and disruptive which is not the case with this system which is whisper quiet. Since the water is being provided in an optimal manner your pet will drink more and because it is so clean too it will improve your pet’s health and overall wellbeing. There are two units, one in black which is 108oz and one in white which holds 216oz, each has a modern design created to blend in with today’s kitchen appliances because that’s the most common place owners like to keep their pet’s bowls but you could use the Deluxe Fresh Flow anywhere really. Petmate owns a patent on the device’s water slide system as it does not splash making it so you won’t come home to a mess. You can also purchase extra filters from us for when your Deluxe Fresh Flow needs them. Putting together the whole system is made a breeze with step by step instructions so you’ll have your beautiful fresh water supply running smoothly in no time. To ensure that you are providing the freshest water possible for your pet please change out the filter every 30 days. As always we here at PetStreetMall want to be helpful and provide great savings for you so that you may provide the absolute best for your beloved pets.

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