DT Mini Rechargeable No Bark Collar

  • Completely Digital Micro-processor System.
  • Adjustable Collar fits small to large dogs.
  • Ni-MH 4.8 Volt Rechargeable Battery System.
  • System delivers 1/2 second corrective stimulation.
  • Automatic three-second safety delay.
  • Built in Magnetic ON/OFF system.
  • Magnet built right into the collar clip. (No more lost magnets)
  • Digital Numeric Display shows 8 different intensity levels.
  • Vibration Sensor only picks up vocal cord vibrations eliminating unnecessary “shock” from extraneous noises.
  • Data Memory System saves last used intensity setting.
  • Completely Waterproof.
DT Mini Rechargeable No Bark Collar
Regular Price - $199.99
Sale Price - $109.99

DT Systems 1125DT Rechargeable No Bark Collar fits small to large dogs and uses micro-processor for its recently redesigned digital components; because of this the device is smaller and weighs less making it much more comfortable for your pet to wear. A very practical aspect of the 1125DT is its use of a rechargeable NiMH 4.8 volt battery which is preferable over standard battery options that have to be frequently replaced. Rather than using a traditional on/off switch this system uses a magnetic mechanism for that. The magnet is also used to cycle through the 8 different level of intensity. Once you find the right level for your pet the device will remember that for the next time you go to use the collar again. Since the 1125DT uses vibration for bark detection it won’t be set off by other pets or external sounds like a microphone based detection system can. The collar delivers stimulation that last for ½ a second and places a 3 second delay between corrections automatically. At PetStreetMall we get you the products you need at the Lowest Prices Available and when you purchase the 1125DT you ever get Fee Shipping!

    Package Contents
  • Size: 2.3” X 1.6” X 1.1” Weight: 4 oz.
  • 1/2” Electrodes & 1/2” Sensor
  • 3/4” Electrodes & 3/4” Sensor
  • Key-Ring Magnet
  • Test Light Charger

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