DT H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer w/ Beeper

  • 1800 Yard (1 Mile) Range
  • 16 Levels of Intensity adjusted from the Transmitter
  • Digital Technology to Maximize Power
  • "Maxx-Range" Internal Collar Antenna System
  • "Gentle Touch" System Extra Mild Stimulation
  • Built-In Safety Shut-Off
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery System
  • Completely Waterproof Transmitters and Collars
DT H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer w/ Beeper
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The D.T. Systems H2O-1800 series has an 1800 yard (1 mile) range and come with completely waterproof and rechargeable (Ni-MH batteries) transmitter and collar units. Nick and Continuous Stimulations come standard on every model in the H2O 1800 series line-up.

The H2O-1850 Beeper gives you the ability to keep track of your dogs location when he is out of sight and lets you know when he has gone on point. This allows you to find the dog quickly and prevents you from making the mistake of calling the dog to you when hes on point.

The H2O 1850 remote trainer for two dogs comes with Nick Stimulation, Continuous Stimulation, and Beeper/Locator. This unit has an 1800 yard (1 mile) range and 16 levels of stimulation. The transmitter and collar units are completely waterproof.

The H2O 1850 model is a great collar system that can be used in a wide variety of applications. This fully waterproof unit covers both basic and advanced training needs for both professionals and novice users alike. Whether you are knee-deep in cold icy waters or knee-deep in tall grass on a dry sunny day, the H2O is designed with the harshest environments in mind.

  • Beeper can be turned on/off from the transmitter
  • Up to a 1 Mile Range
  • Rechargeable NiMh batteries
  • Neck Train & Beep Training System
  • Maxx Range Technology
  • 16 Level of stimulation
  • Adjustable GTS "Gentle Touch Stimulation"
  • Continuous & Momentary stimulation
  • Lightweight collar & transmitter
  • Built in safety shut off
  • Collar Size : Fits up to a 23"
  • Transmitter Dimensions:4.25''x 2.0''x 1''
  • Transmitter Weight: 4 oz
  • Collar Dimentions: 2.75 x 1.75 x 1.25
  • Collar Weight: Weight: 8 oz.
  • Available in a 2-Dog model (1852)
    Package Contains
  • Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver
  • 4" Antenna for the Transmitter
  • Rechargeable Batteries for both the Collar and Transmitter
  • Battery Charger
  • A Splitter Cable for simultaneous charging
  • Test Light
  • Owner's Manual
  • Carrying Case

The Jump Stimulation is a great feature for training methods that involve “jumping” frequently between two different stimulation levels. You can set a level of intensity to the Nick or Continuous Stimulation buttons that is appropriate for training your dog. The Jump Stimulation button allows you to set a second, self-programmed stimulation level higher or lower than your normal stimulation level. With the Jump Stimulation feature you won’t have to have to fumble around with the stimulation setting at the time that the correction is needed. When you do not have time to increase the stimulation level in these situations the Jump Stimulation is a fast and convenient way to get your dog's attention.

The Rise Stimulation button continuously increases the stimulation level until the button is released. This allows you to hold the Rise button until there is a response from the dog, essentially allowing the dog to choose the appropriate level of stimulation. Now trainers will not have to guess the correct stimulation level for individual dogs. With Rise Stimulation, the dog responds to a level that matches his temperament.

Maxx Range offers the only antenna that is woven into each collar strap to improve range on every collar. By incorporating a digital micro processing chip in each DT Systems collar, it allows the MAXX-Rang Internal Antenna System to use a clearer, stronger and more penetrating FM signal which conforms to the terrain. Weaker straight-line AM antenna signals, found on other brands, are easily blocked by obstacles and terrain, minimizing range and effectiveness.

GTS, Gentle Touch Stimulation is D.T. Systems' advanced digital technology has also lead to the NEW Gentle Touch Stimulation(GTS) system offered on select D.T. Systems' collars. The GTS feature allows the collar to be preprogrammed at extremely low level settings. Stimulation can then be increased in very small increments, allowing users to pinpoint the most effective level of stimulation for their training situation.

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