DT Big Dog Bark Collar 9V

  • Fits medium to giant size dogs, up to a 22 inch neck (50lbs and up)
  • 9 adjustable intensity levels
  • Delivers a 1/2 second stimulation
  • Automatic 4 second delay between stimuli
  • 8 oz. receiver
  • Completely waterproof
    Strap Specifications
    • Length - 22 1/2" long
    • Neck Size - 20.5" long (though there is 2" where additional wholes can be placed to fit up to 22" neck)
    • Width: 1" Wide
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Duro-Pro -Tough collar strap made out of a Rubber/Nolathane mix over nylon weave
DT Big Dog Bark Collar 9V
Regular Price - $169.99
Sale Price - $99.99

This simple durable high quality collar from DT Systems offers 9 levels of correction which you set for your pet to curb their excessive barking. The 190-DT is made for use with medium to large sized pets (50lbs and up). Detection with this device is performed through a sensor that picks up on your pets barking by vibrations that occur whenever your pet barks. When your pet barks it will receive a static stimulation based on the pre-selected setting you’ve chosen with the collar. Through continued use of DT Systems 190-DT your pet will learn that it’s barking is directly connected to the corrections being administered and ceases barking to prevent further correction from occurring. A great benefit to the 190-DT is that it uses a simple easy to find and affordable 9 volt battery (not included). Even rechargeable 9 volt batteries will work, which makes the powering of the system even more cost effective than those other units which require the use of proprietary batteries that can really drive up the ownership costs of a system. One more thing about the 190 DT is that there is an automatic delay between stimulations of 4 seconds so that the corrections are not too close together and cause confusion for your pet.

When you begin training with any bark collar system you want to start of doing so at a time when you’re able to observe how/if it is working. This is particularly important with a static correction device like DT Systems 190-DT because it uses a user set stationary correction level. You’ll want to start at the lowest correction level and move up to find the right stimulation for your pet.

Now we know that shopping to find the right bark control collar is a difficult task with so many great systems on the market to choose from, which is why we have our customer service reps available to help you determine the bark control collar that is best suited for your pet. And remember that we also pride ourselves on having the Lowest Prices Available and DT Systems 190-DT Ships for Free!

Uses a standard 9 volt battery (rechargeable batteries are O.K.).
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