17" x 24" Cool Bed III Grey

Cool Bed III
    • No Electricity Required
    • Simply Add Water
    • Adjust comfort level with valve
    • Tough Nylon/Vinyl Exterior
    • Easy to Clean with a damp towel or sponge & mild dish washing soap

The Cool Bed III is the cooling bed of your pet's dreams. It's Easy to Use and Easy to Clean!

Cool Bed III - Small - Dimensions: 17" x 24"
Regular Price - $41.99
Sale Price - $24.95

The Cool Bed III utilizes a cool core which diverts the liquid throughout the bed to better cool your pet. While a regular pet bed is made to retain the heat of your pet to keep them warm and cozy; the Cool Bed III does something different with that body heat. It takes the heat and dissipates it into the air and floor converting that 102 degrees your pet gives off and lowers it to room temperature. There is no electricity or refrigeration needed in using the Cool Bed III while providing amazing cooling power, it always feels as cool as a cold tile floor and soft like your favorite pillow!

Keep your pet happy, comfy, and cool each summer with the Cool Bed III.

Cool Bed III is a Dream Come True
Cool Bed III Maintenance

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