Tunnel of Fun

Made by Molly and Friends!
Crafters of the finest in handmade premium cat furniture the United States has to offer.
  • High quality materials
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • 3 Levels for your cats enjoyment
  • Many Colors to Choose From
  • Ships for free!
Tunnel of Fun
53" Tall, 24" x 24" Base
Regular Price - $449.99
Sale Price - $314.95

PetStreetMall offers a huge variety of cat furniture, scratching posts, cat houses and cat perches. Different colors, styles and sizes gives you the option to choose the type of furniture that is ideal for you and your cat. Fun and attractive, our cat furniture and scratching posts provide our cat with a home, toy, and place to relax. Besides that, they are sure to save your furniture from cats claws and save your peace of mind.

This cat perch offers 3 levels of fun and comfort for your cat. High quality materials blend with excellent craftsmanship and a clever design to make a great cat perch for your cat. The Bed on top and cradle offer great spots for lounging while providing multiple vantage points from which to check out the activity. The tunnel on the middle level is a great home that makes your cat feel secure and comfortable.

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