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Cat Toys keep your cat playful and energetic. Pet Street Mall offers everything from tunnels to squeaky toys and much more. Great for kittens and full grown cats, these toys will be able to capture the essence of youth. A Cat Toy promotes play, exercise, movement, and mental stimulation. Cat Toys will keep your frisky feline company throughout the day when everyone is gone and will keep them from wanting to play with items of more value. Check out our Wide Selection and Low Prices on Cat Toys!

Featured Cat Toy

Cat Dancer Combo Pack
Cat Dancer Combo Pack
  • Cat Dancer Mouse in the House
  • Cat Dancer Replacement Mouse
    for the Mouse in the House
  • Cat Dancer Compleat
  • Catnip Cat Dancer
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    Cat Toy Information

    Cats are independent and make ideal inside and/or outside pets. With hours of little to no companionship, cats are likely to get bored and play with items that are valuable. While some cats are laid back and clam, pet owners can still contribute to their cat’s activity. Cat owners that do not participate in the mental and physical stimulation of their feline are only promoting more inactivity in the future, which is likely to result in an overweight pet. Be providing your cat with a toy you will to play encourage play, jump, run, chase, and other forms of exercise. Our toys will prevent boredom and will allow your pet's natural tendencies to show. Give you cat a toy to play with while you are away.

    The feline family is known for their ability to chase, hear, smell, and detect prey. With their sharp senses, cats can detect scents that humans cannot. We offer toys that will promote their natural abilities. Our Catnip Cat Dancer has a scent of catnip that will draw your kitty near. We also have toys that your four legged friend can squeak, chase, and run-through. Give the precious kitty in your life the ultimate toy with any of our quality toys to promote mental and physical stimulation that every pet can benefit from. Even a toy mouse can provide hours of play time.

    Cat Toys will give your kitty something to play with. Countless hours of exercise, activity, and stimulation, will allow them to connect with their inner youth. Cats become bored quickly, therefore, we recommend switching your cat’s toys frequently. Simple rotate between the toys every month and your frisky kitten will feel as though they are getting something new to play with. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

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