Kitty Cot

  • Sisal rope provides another texture for your cat to scratch
  • Excellent, sturdy construction from high quality materials
  • Cradle provides a spot for your cat to lounge
  • 35" Tall
  • 19" x 19" base provides stability
  • Hand-made

Kitty Cot
35" Tall
19" x 19" base
Regular Price - $142.99
Sale Price - $99.95

A great addition to any home, the Sisal Scratching Post with Cradle by Molly and Friends is a great way place for your cat for fulfill their natural instinct to scratch and claw. Equipped with a cradle at the top of sisal scratching post, your feline friend can now enjoy a cat nap atop their favorite toy. For hours of fun this scratching post comes in a variety of carpet colors so you can be sure to find the perfect match for you and your pet. Create a unique look by mixing and matching the colors of the parts and posts.

PetStreetMall offers a huge variety of scratching posts and cat furniture. Different colors, styles and sizes gives you the option to choose the type of furniture that is ideal for you and your cat. Fun and attractive, our cat furniture and scratching posts provide your cat with a home, toy, and place to relax. Besides that, they are sure to save your furniture from cats claws and save your peace of mind.

This scratch post is a great, simple addition to your home. Excellent craftsmanship ensures a long lasting post for your cat. The sisal rope wound up the post and high quality carpet around the base and top gives kitty multiple textures to scratch. The cradle atop the post provides a great place for your cat to lounge and bask in the sun's rays.

  • 4" solid untreated heart of pine core post
  • Includes one 2 foot section of wrapped sisal rope on one post
  • Cradle bed on top of scratching post
  • Dimensions: 35" H x 19" W x 19" D
  • Hand-made

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