• 26" Tall
  • 4 legs covered in sisal
  • Sisal provides alternate scratching texture your cat will love
  • Hole in bottom so your cat can climb inside for a cozy home
  • Poly whiskers provide hours of entertainment for your cat
  • High quality materials
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Ships for free
Molly - Cat Home
30"L x 22"w x 26"H
Regular Price - $231.99
Sale Price - $161.95

Molly is a unique cat toy that is a favorite among cats and their owners. High quality materials and craftsmanship alone make this an excellent toy for your cat. The clever design, however, is what truly makes this cat toy a hallmark among cat furniture. Four legs hold up the main body of Molly and sisal rope is wrapped around them, providing your cat with an alternate scratching texture that cats cannot resist.

The main body of Molly is carpeted and hollow. The hole in the bottom of Molly allows your cat to climb inside and feel safe and secure, while relaxing. Finally, the poly whiskers provide hours of entertainment for the cat that loves to show off.

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