Cat Collars

Cat Collars

A cat collar can perform a number of important functions. First, they can provide the necessary identification so that if you cat gets lost anyone who finds your cat can easily locate you and return your cat. Even an experienced outdoor cat can get lost. Indoor Cats will sometimes escape outdoors. Cat Collars should be used for both indoor and outdoor cats.

Despite the fact that cat collars can provide important identification information they can also be hazardous as well. Cats tend to get themselves into tight spots! It wouldn't be impossible that your cat would get it's collar hung up on something as it prowls and roams. Because of this, they could get stuck somewhere. To circumvent this type of occurrence, a breakaway cat collar will give way if enough pressure is applied. If the cat gets snagged on a small limb or a fence they can pull away and the break away cat collar will release allowing you feline friend to escape unharmed. Losing a cat can be traumatic but it happens every day. If you take a few precautions however you can help reduce the likelihood that your cat will wander off one day and never be seen again. A breakaway cat collar is one very affordable and simple way of protecting your cat. They are the safest collar available on the market.

Safety Stretch Cat Collar has the same safety feature of a Breakaway Cat Collar. If you cat gets thier collar hung up on a limb or fence the Safety Stretch Cat Collar will stretch to allow you cat to slip off it's collar. Safety Stretch collars are soft, comfortable, and durable.

When fitting the collar be sure that it's adjusted to the appropriate size. It should be small enough to assure your cat won't easily slip out of it but not too tight so that it's uncomfortable. Typically, you should be able to fit two fingers between your cat's skin and the collar. Cats adjust to collars best when they begin wearing them as youngsters although probably not before 6 months of age. You will need to check the collar routinely to assure the fit remains

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