Alleyway Cat tree

  • High quality materials
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Stands 7'6" tall
  • 24" x 24" Base for stability
Alleyway Cat tree
7'6" Tall and 24" x 24" base
Regular Price - $739.99
Sale Price - $517.95

The Alleyway, standing 7 feet 2 inches tall, will keep cats entertained. The base is 24 inches by 24 inches so it takes up only 4 square feet of floor space! One of the tallest cat trees on the market, any cat is sure to love this. Four cradles allow your cat to lounge on any level that it likes and a bed on top makes a great spot for catnapping. This cat tree provides a great scratching alternative to your furniture. It will also provide unending entertainment for your cat.

  • Ideal for Families With One or More Cats
  • Your Cat Will Love Overseeing His Domain From The Top Alleyway, or Any Level For That Matter
  • Deluxe Scratching Post Furniture With Five Alleys Positioned At Different Angles On A 24" X 24" Base
  • Measures 7 Feet 2 Inchs High
  • Aids In Preventing Your Cat From Clawing Your Furniture
  • Perfect Playground and Exercise Tree For Any Size or Age Cat
  • Carpet Is Stapled On With A13 And C13 Staples (Much Smaller And Thinner, About 1/2" In Length)
  • Glue Is Not Used Anywhere In The Building Process
  • Olefin Carpet is Durable and Easy To Clean
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