Allergy Relief and Shed Control

    Our featured Pet Wipes are:
  • Great for pet parents who have allergies or just like to keep a tidy home!
  • Anti Shedding Control Wipes are Tearless and pH balanced for safty.
  • Anti Shedding Control Wipes reduces hair, dander and allergin build up in the home
  • Anti Shedding Control Wipes reduces nonessential shedding
  • Does not affect seasonal shedding process so your pet may lose their winter coat
Allergy Relief and Shed Control
Easy to Use Wipes for removing
allergens, shedding, and stains.

Allergy Relief and Shed Control Information

Is your dog or cat suffers from excessive itching problems? Then, your pet might be dealing with allergies. We, at Pet Street Mall, understand the burden of seeing the suffering of your pet from an ailment. And that ailment can be relieved if enough information is given and supplied with comprehensive medications. We are pet lovers also and this is one of the biggest reasons of our existence. We want to help pet owners whose only aim is to provide their dogs and cats with the best solutions when it comes to their grooming and well-being.

Dog allergies and cat allergies are considered to be a common but serious ailment in pets. Simple itching of your dog or cat might lead to a more serious and dreadful problem that can compromise your pet's life as well as the health of your family. Awareness, enough education and proper treatment assistance are what you need to save the life of your most treasured friends- your pets.

So, what are the causes of dog or cat allergies and how it can be relieved? Basically, allergen is the main cause of dog allergies or cat allergies. Allergen, according to an encyclopedia, “is any substance, most often eaten or inhaled, that is recognized by the Immune system and causes an allergic reaction”. The pet's reaction or the signs of allergen is called “allergy”.

Just like humans, our pets such as dog or cat are also prone to having allergies. The pet's general health condition will dictate how his system can handle or react to allergens. Sad to say, sometimes the food which is the main source of nutrients is also the source of allergies in pets. It may be from the many preservatives as well as the by-products that cause dog and cat allergies. However, due to pet owner's lack of awareness and education on allergens, dogs and cats might eat unfortunately the contaminated foods. This is an awful truth that many pet owners are not aware of; a fact that can be prevented and relieved.

What are the visible signs that your dog or cat is suffering from allergies?
In general, the reaction of the pet's body to allergens will cause them itching and scratching that may lead to scars and terrible skin problems. Excessive itching and skin problems may cause sores and scabs, ear infections and bad odor to your pet.

“Prevention is better than cure”, that's what people are always saying. However, if your pet's allergic reaction continuously arises despite of spending thousands of dollars for buying dog shampoos and medication then you might be using the wrong products. More often than not, the products we think could be the best for them is also the same product that could do more harm to them. It is still always recommended to consult your trusted veterinarians to ensure that you are on the right track when providing relief to your pet. In that way, you are also protecting yourself and other family members from acquiring such allergic reactions.

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