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Advantage Flea Articles
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Why is My Dog Licking Himself So Much?
Dogs love to lick themselves. It’s just part of their day to day behavior. However, some dogs don’t stop licking. Contrary to what some may say, this is not the sign of a weird dog. This is the sign of a dog that is having problems with his health. To find out more about excessive licking and the health problems that accompany it, check out our article here.

Why Are Fleas Dangerous? When your pet starts scratching away at their ears and chewing on their inner thigh, it may be time to take a closer look at what is bothering them. Fleas can go from a minor inconvenience to a serious health problem if overlooked. Although some pets are more prone to fleas than others, it only takes one bite for a disease to be passed to your pooch. Click Here to read about the Dangers of Fleas.
Advantage Flea Control Information

Advantage Flea treatment

for Dogs is available in a 4, 6, and even a 12 Month Supply. Advantage Flea Control is EPA certified and can kill 98 - 100% of all fleas and their larvae on your pet within 12 hours.

Keep your pet itch-free all year round with flea treatment for dogs and save yourself the hassle of constant trips to the pet store. We only sells EPA registered Advantage Flea Control products. Counterfeit advantage flea treatment for Dogs are sometimes sold through other retailers, putting your pets at risk.

Advantage® Flea Control for Dogs comes in a 4, 6, or 12 Month Supply application that kills all fleas and their larvae within 12 hours. In addition, re-infesting fleas are killed within 2 hours. Applied between the shoulder blades on dogs, it spreads naturally on the skin at the hair root level. Aided by body movement to provide whole body coverage, it is a water-resistant flea medication, so it continues to kill fleas even after shampooing, swimming, rain, or exposure to sunlight. These Flea Control products should only be used on dogs over 7 weeks old.

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