Why Doggles?

So what are Doggles®, anyway?
Doggles® are protective eyewear for dogs. They are actually goggles for dogs, hence the name. Unlike ordinary sunglasses for dogs, Doggles® actually protect dog’s eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light.

What do Doggles® look like?
They are modeled after sports goggles. We currently have 5 styles of Doggles, fitting dogs 7 pounds and up. All models have flexible, snug-fitting frames, which have foam padding against the face; polycarbonate (shatterproof) and anti-fog lenses; and adjustable elastic head and chin straps to keep the Doggles securely on the dog.

Why are Doggles® better than sunglasses for dogs?
Vets and Vet Ophthalmologists all around the world recommend our product.

Feature Doggles - goggles for dogs Sunglasses for dogs
UV coating on lens Yes Yes - usually
Polycarbonate (shatterproof lens) Yes No
Anti-fog lens Yes No
Fits tight to face, not allowing stay light or UV rays Yes No
Fits snuggly to head Yes No
Foam padding for comfort Yes No
Used for actual protection of eyes, not just for cosmetic purposes. Yes No

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Goggles reviews – “Jack likes Doggles”. “There is a product out there specifically designed for protecting dog’s eyesight – Doggles. That’s right, should your dog need protection … this product is for your pooch.”

We have also been featured in Paddler Magazine, The World's No. 1 Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting Magazine!

http://www.eyevet.ca/pannus.html by Dr. Michael Zigler, DVM, Vet Ophthalmologist:
"Reduction of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, … trying a specialty pair of canine sunglass goggles called Doggles may prove very helpful."

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"Doggles … protect the eyes from trauma, reduce glare, or relieve light sensitivity."

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"Doggles are cool … with an adjustable strap which provide UVA and UVB protection. Great for dogs with light sensitivity"

 In the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy, Doggles® was one of the few companies that the ASPCA contacted directly for protective gear for the Search and Rescue Dogs.

"You will be relieving unnecessary suffering of the dogs, and … facilitating this rescue effort."