Snoozer Luxury Sofa Plus

    Small Snoozer Luxury Sofa Plus in Prairie Red
    20" Depth x 30" Length
    Regular Price - $199.95
    Sale Price - $159.95
    Large Snoozer Luxury Sofa Plus in Prairie Red
    30" Depth x 40" Length

    Regular Price - $249.95
    Sale Price - $219.95
    X-Large Snoozer Luxury Sofa Plus in Praire Red
    36" Depth x 54" Length

    Regular Price - $349.95
    Sale Price - $299.95


    The Snoozer Luxury Sofa Plus is a great dog bed with memory foam inside to make this dog bed extremely supportive and long lasting. The memory foam will ensure that your dog bed keeps its shape and keeps functioning properly, easing your dog's aching joints. The stylish design and beautiful patterns make it a great looking dog bed that will fit anywhere in your house. The bolsters around the sides and back make it a dog bed that your dog will love to lounge on and sleep.

    Shown to the right is the space age memory foam that
    comes with the PLUS version of the Snoozer Luxury Sofa.
    New Special Feature!
    All Snoozer Pet Products ship with Odor Adios, a carbon fabric insert that is designed to absorb the strongest odors. The Odor Adios is the ultimate in Odor protection. It doesn't mask odors; it absorbs them, making them unnoticeable. Reusable for up to 10 washings, you won't know how you lived without Odor Adios.

    Denim Carolina Sky Prairie Red
    Navy Antracite Dark Chocolate Herringbone
    Bukskin Peat Olive Sadle
    Black Red Butter      

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